COVID-19 Resource Page

LITW Safety Policy 


1. Any actor, or staff member with temperature greater than 100.4 F will not be permitted to participate in rehearsal and will require family physician clearance including a negative COVID-19 swab to return to LITW. Any student wishing to no longer participate in any production due missed rehearsals from COVID infection may withdraw at 50% refund.

2. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance to our rehearsal location and at every rehearsal room.

3. Commonly touched surfaces will be disinfected daily.

4. Masking: as the COVID situation is ever evolving, masking requirements may change. LITW will adopt the policy of local and State government in regard to masking at the time of each production.

5. Family or parents picking up actors must wait outside of the studio

9. Any student traveling outside of the United States may not return to in person rehearsals for 7 days after return and must submit a negative COVID swab done 7 days after return from the United States.

NOTE: If at any point, there are more than 2 actors out with COVID, LITW will go remote for (ZOOM) for two weeks. 





COVID-19 Illness Policy: Any actor unable to participate in LITW's  production due to contracting COVID-19 illness* may withdraw enrollment for full refund prior to the first day of rehearsals. Actors withdrawing due to COVID-19 illness may withdraw enrollment after the first day of rehearsals for 50% refund.

*Actors must supply LITW with a Physician's note confirming COVID-19 Illness. 

Q: Will financing or payment plans be available?

A: Absolutely. Our mission is to never exclude our passionate actors for any reason. LITW will work with any student and their family to determine a plan that works for you. Please contact if you are interested in a payment plan. 

Q: When is payment due?

A: Payment in full, or initial deposit (if using a payment plan) must be in the first rehearsal. Students will not be allowed to participate in rehearsal without payment or deposit.

We look forward to seeing you this season!

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